Strategic Intelligence
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Strategic Intelligence

This information and analysis is crucial for strategic planning and decision-making.

Competitive and Strategic Intelligence allows businesses to answer the  following questions: What risks are posed by potential new associates? What vendors or providers have the ability to put my business at risk? Who are the unseen potential competitors in my market? How will an acquisition impact my market share? What alliances make sense for my business or company? What political events or issues pose a risk to my business?

Our services allow businesses to know what their competitors are doing, understand price fluctuations in different markets, as well as identify trends impacting specific products and services.

Our highly trained and skilled team uses the most advanced tools, models and analytical procedures to bring our clients a global vision of changes in their industries and a preview of the future.

Our team assists companies in making key business decisions by providing them with the information and analysis they need in order to understand competitive weaknesses and strengths, potential risks in a market or environment, primary sources of revenue, cost structures, operational structures and functions, and key market indicators.

We perform comprehensive evaluations of a corporation’s reputation, including investigations of associates and executives, patrimonial connections, work and legal histories, affiliated businesses, and prior histories of vendors, clients and employees that could impact an organization.

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